Tutorials - Exposure Blending in Photoshop

In this video tutorial I show my very detailed exposure blending workflow for landscape photos including both Luminosity Masks and normal masking. I explain all the techniques I use when blending exposures to gain more dynamic range (so called DRI), the blending I do for moving objects like branches and leaves, how I combine it with focus stacking and also how I blend images with the sun in the frame.

My Exposure Blending Technique was used to blend the photos in this picture

Tutorial Content

The tutorial consists of five videos. In Preparation I show how I prepare the raw photos for digital blending in Adobe Lightroom. Next is the basic exposure blending and stacking video, where I do a very detailed exposure blending of one of my landscape photos in Photoshop. Here I also show how I combine exposure blending for dynamic range with focus stacking. For the DRI part I use a mix of Luminosity Masks and manual blending to achieve a very natural blend.

The third video is about blending moving water, in this case a waterfall. A major part of this video is also the digital blending of moving leaves and branches and how I get in parts from different ISO shots to freeze motion in those areas. In Blending and cleaning sunny photos I show how I blend a photo with the sun in the frame and also the - in this case - difficult cleanup of lens flares and water blotches.

A Screenshot of my Photoshop Workspace, showing layers of a exposure blending

As wrap up I have a final video, where I take you along an exposure blending of a photo I shot in Milford Sound. Here I no longer explain the different steps. It's recorded in a timelapse manner (3-times the speed), but it will be easy to follow along after watching the first four videos. This video is kind of a summary of the techniques I showed before. As video two it contains a combination of exposure blending and focus stacking.

Mind that the exposure blending is just the first - yet most important - step in my post processing. It is usually followed by applying some dreamy photo techniques and then my normal processing workflow in Photoshop. The little previews in the first photo above are the result of exposure blending, dreamy photo techniques and my contrast and color work in combination.


This tutorial is targeting the advanced photoshop user. I assume that you are already familiar with luminosity masks and their creation. If not I recommend watching my old Start2Finish tutorial first. I'll be also using Tony Kuypers Actions Panel a lot for loading luminosity masks. While you might be able to follow along with just having an action to create luminosity masks, I strongly recommend buying the TK Actions Panel, if you're serious about post processing of Landscape Photos. It makes things a lot easier.

I use Adobe Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CS6 in the tutorial. Photoshop CS5 or later is generally sufficient to apply the techniques I use here.

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