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Tutorials - Complete Workflow for processing Panorama Photos

In my newest and most advanced tutorial yet, I show you my complete workflow for creating high quality panoramic images.

Panorama of Cape Woolamai during a spectacular sunset

Tutorial Content

In this tutorial I show you all the techniques I used to create the panorama photo of Cape Woolamai. The light that evening at Cape Woolamai was spectacular but also fleeting, so I had to work fast. Also, my wide angle lens wasn't sufficient to take in the whole cove. So I opted for a panorama combined with bracketing. With the direct sunlight, the rolling waves and the fact that I wasn't using a nodal rail or special panorama equipment here, putting the photo together to create a high quality result involved some unique techniques, which I share with you in the tutorial.

The Tutorial consists of two major parts, each 75 minutes in length.

Part 1 is all about stitching and blending of the panorama and deals with:

  • How the individual photos for the panorama were taken
  • The Pre-Processing in Lightroom
  • The advanced stitching of the panorama using the free software Hugin
  • The exposure blending of the bracketed exposures and the cleanup
  • Techniques to enhance the look of the sun in the photo
  • Special image transformations and cropping

Part 2 contains my creative workflow, in which I recreate the atmosphere. It contains:

  • Sky enhancement techniques
  • My dodge and burn workflow
  • Contrast and color adjustments
  • My workflow in ColorEfex to bring more vibrance to the photo
  • Methods for balancing colors in the photo
  • Multi-pass sharpening to workout the details in the photo
  • Sharpening for Web
  • Sharpening for Print


This video tutorial is for the advanced Photoshop user. I assume that you are already familiar with luminosity masks and their creation. If not, I recommend watching my free tutorials first. On this site you will also find links to the plugins I use. If you have watched my other tutorials included in the advanced post processing bundle, this is perfect and will make it easier to follow along, but it's not mandatory.

I use Adobe Lightroom 6 and Photoshop CS6 in the tutorial. Photoshop CS5 or later is generally sufficient to apply the techniques I use here. I also use some filters of the Nik Collection, which is still available for free. For the stitching I use Hugin the Panorama Stitcher.

Buying the Tutorial

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Option 1 - Full Tutorial

The complete tutorial is 2,5 hours long and can be purchased for 30 USD.

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Option 2 - Part 1 only

Part 1, as described above, is about the stitching and blending of the panorama. It's 75 minutes in length and can be purchased for 20 USD.

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Option 3 - Part 2 only

Part 2, as described above, is about the more creative processing of the panorama. It's 75 minutes in length and can be purchased for 20 USD.

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