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In this Morocco Photo Tour, we explore the spectacular landscapes and ancient Medinas of Morocco's south.

Starting in Marrakesh, we will embark on a nine-day adventure that takes us across the high Atlas toward Ait Ben Haddou, where we will photograph sunset and sunrise. From there, we continue our journey south into the Erg Chigaga. For two days, we enjoy the hospitality of Camp Al Koutban amid countless photo spots.

Massive dunes in golden morning light.

Afterward, we head further into the wilderness for one night under the stars in our wild camp. We set our tents among jagged peaks - our subjects for sunset and night photography. Next, we head to Tafraoute, surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains providing spectacular views.

After one night in our beautiful hotel, we continue to the coast. Our final stop of the tour is the wind city Essaouira. We enjoy two days of architecture and street photography to conclude our adventure.

Morocco Photo Tour Itinerary

You find a detailed itinerary of the tour with information about what to bring on Wild Morocco's tour page. Wild Morocco hosts this tour together with me. I have done four tours in Morocco with them - two private and two photo tours. I know the team well and trust their expertise in planning the tour and getting us securely to all the different photo locations.

Together, we designed this photo adventure to get you off the beaten path to places that are difficult to visit. Traveling into the Erg Chigaga requires 4x4 vehicles and experienced drivers. The wild camp is even farther away from civilization. Traveling with Wild Morocco, you don't have to worry about any of this and you can also be sure to stay in beautiful hotels, Riads, and Berber camps.

Below, I share some information and inspiration from the places we visit during the tour.

Glowing sky behind the Mosque at Jemaa el-Fnaa in Marrakesh.

Marrakesh and Jemaa el-Fnaa

Marrakesh is the first stop of the tour. It's one of Marocco's largest cites with a big Medina and beautiful photo spots. We will stay one night to explore the busy Medina and the famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square. In the evening, this place is bustling with life. Surrounding the square are many restaurants with rooftop terraces. We will get up there for sunset to photograph the scenery into blue hour while enjoying some of the traditional mint tea.

Beautifully lit gate in the Marrakesh Medina.

We will also explore the labyrinth of the Medina for some street and architecture photography. The best time for it is early morning, when it's less crowded, and Marrakesh just starts to wake up.

Ait Ben Haddou

Day two brings us across the high Atlas to Ait Ben Haddou. This town has been the setting of many Hollywood movies - Gladiator being one of the most popular. We will stay close to town in a beautiful Kasbah and have the chance to photograph and explore Ait Ben Haddou for sunset and sunrise. Here, you'll want a long lens of around 200mm to get the best shots.

The low winter sun illuminates ancient Ait Ben Haddou.

Erg Chigaga Desert

The highlight of this Morocco photo tour is undoubtedly the visit to the Erg Chigaga dunes. This spectacular place is filled with many photo spots. We camp amid the dunes in a beautiful and comfortable Berber camp. We will enjoy great company, food, and several walks through the dunes.

Once the moon sets around midnight, the sky will come to life with countless stars. There's hardly a better place to photograph the night sky than the desert. So that's what we'll do. Two hours before sunrise, the Milky Way will span the eastern horizon, providing the perfect photo subject.

The Milky Way rises above the endless dunes of the Erg Chigaga.

You can learn more about the Erg Chigaga in my Erg Chigaga Photography Guide.

Canyon Landscape near Foum Zguid

When I visited Morocco and the desert for the first time, we drove past a spectacular mountain landscape deep in Morocco's wilderness. When we designed the tour, I knew we had to include this place in the itinerary.

There are no hotels or camps nearby. That's why we decided to do a wild camping experience. We'll have tents, mattresses, blankets, a cooking tent, dinner under the stars, and a campfire.

Star Trails above jagged peaks in the desert.

And we'll once more have the chance to capture the stars. The rocky landscape with the jagged mountains at the horizon provides the perfect backdrop.

Tafraoute Anti Atlas

Tafraoute is known for its painted rocks. In my opinion, those are not a photo subject and something to avoid for photographers. It's why I was a bit skeptical during my first visit, not knowing if I would find good photo spots.

These doubts were quickly dispelled as I started exploring the hills near Tafraoute. There's so much potential, and after climbing many of the hills in the area, I found the perfect photo spot.

We'll visit it for sunset during the tour.

The sun sets behind the mountains of Tafraoute.


The wind city Essaouira provides the perfect finish for the photo tour. With its wonderful Medina and the spectacular ramparts, we'll not run short of photo opportunities during the two days we spent in the city. I've created an Essaouira photo guide, in which you can already find some inspiration for the mix of street, architecture, and cityscape photography we'll practice there.

Waves crash along the coast of Essaouira during sunset.

Behind the Scenes

Below I've collected some photos showing the behind-the-scenes of the photo tour. Here you get some more impressions from the places we visit.

Rainy evening in marrakesh with person walking through the medina. Camera pointing toward Jemaa el Fnaa after sunset. Cameras pointing toward ancient Ait Ben Haddou. The Crew of Camp Al Coutban posing in the desert. Participand of Photo Tour photographing the dunes. Photo spot in the dunes near camp Al Koutban. Participant photographing the dunes with a long lens. Close-up of camera display of one of participants during sunrise shoot in Desert. Photo shoot with caravan in the dunes. Untouched Erg Chigaga Dunes. Colorful sky over the desert. Jagged Peaks in a desert landscape. Wild camp in Morocco's desert. Photographers shooting sunset in the hills of Tafraoute. View of the Tizourgane Kasbah before sunrise. Gulls above the ramparts of Essaouira harbour.

I also recorded a behind-the-scenes video during the first photo tour we did. You can watch it below.

How To Take Part in This Adventure

If you want to join us from February 1st till February 9th in 2025, head over to Wild Morocco and send them a booking request. They will be in touch and provide you with additional details. Reach out to me for any further questions or to inquire directly.

The tour is limited to five participants - so don't wait too long and secure your spot!