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Getting from La Fortuna to Monteverde

In the last article I shared my experience about photographing La Fortuna. While we spent just two days there, for our next stop, Monteverde, we had planned a total of six days. And it was good to have so much time, because unlike La Fortuna Monteverde had a lot more to offer for me as[…]

Visiting Manuel Antonio National Park

In this article, I share my experience of visiting Manuel Antonio National Park on the west coast of Costa Rica. At the end of 2021 we had spent six weeks exploring the dramatic coastline of Portugal. Beginning of 2022 it was time for a more exotic adventure. On January 4th we embarked on our journey[…]

Five Things to Do Immediately After Arriving in Costa Rica

This is the first in a series of articles about traveling and photographing Costa Rica. To properly start this series I want to give you a list of five things you should do immediately upon arrival in Costa Rica. Those travel tips will help to ensure a smooth travel experience. Bring US Dollars Ok, to[…]

Cruz del Sur

Traveling by bus is very common in Peru. There are several agencies offering bus rides into all parts of the country. Some of the busses are even outfitted with so called cama seats, in which you have space comparable to that of business class seats on an airplane. Since it is much cheaper than traveling[…]