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Ultimate Monitor Calibration Guide

This monitor calibration guide shows in-depth how to achieve a properly calibrated system for photo editing. I take you step by step through the complete process, using a colorimeter and software from Calibrite. I cover the following topics: Why Monitor Calibration is Important Required Calibration Tools How to Calibrate Using i1Profiler from Calibrite How to[…]

How to become a full-time Landscape Photographer?

This is a question I get asked quite often and it's also a question I cannot fully answer, because until just recently, I hadn't gone full time with my landscape photography. This changed on November 1st, as I quit my job to give landscape photography a more serious effort. So the question I want to[…]

Best Camera Settings for Astrophotography

Since I purchased the Canon R5* together with the Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8 lens*, I became much more confident with night photography. And in this article, I share the perfect astrophotography settings. With the right gear and the correct settings, capturing, for example, the Milky Way over a detailed landscape is no problem. With my[…]

4K Wallpaper Pack – Metropolis

This is my first 4k wallpaper pack designed for PC and Mac. You can also use it on an iPad or other mobile devices. It is inspired by 10 major cities, which I visited over the past years. Each wallpaper is a collage of three photos I’ve taken during my visits to those cities. The[…]

How to make Money with Photography

I get asked about ways to earn money with photography quite regularly. And I think very often, this questions gets asked much too early. If you are just starting out with photography, don’t do it for money. Take photos because you like it, experiment, get better and build your portfolio. Once you have mastered the[…]

Seascape Photography Tutorial

Seascape Photography can be very dynamic. That's why the coast is one of my favorite subjects to photograph. To get the most out of the ever-changing scenery and to ensure my camera equipment stays dry, I follow the workflow I share in this tutorial on seascape photography. In the article, I cover the following topics:[…]

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