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Photo Editing Workflow

28. October 2018 | Photo Editing

In the past I have already shared many of my post processing techniques on Youtube. Things like Exposure Blending, Advanced Masking or Dodge and Burn were already the topic of my video tutorials. But I haven’t shared my complete workflow on Youtube yet. Well, today I have two videos for you, which contain my 10[…]

Time Lapse Video Editing

30. September 2018 | Photo Editing

I was always fascinated by time lapse videos and for quite a while I wanted to include more of them in my vlogs. During my recent travels through Vietnam I finally focused a bit more on this task. Over the past weeks I also learned a lot about processing time lapse videos. I’m using the[…]

Clean and Easy Exposure Blending

9. August 2018 | Landscape Photography, Photo Editing

To capture the full dynamic range of a sunrise or sunset it’s often necessary to take multiple exposures of different exposure time and later blend them. To get a clean exposure blend I use Luminosity Masks in Photoshop. But the exposure blending work in Photoshop is only the second step. In order to achieve high[…]

Time Blending Tutorial

21. June 2018 | Photo Editing

A few weeks ago, on the way back from my yearly Waterfall Workshop I made the usual stop in Heidelberg to photograph sunset. Since I had photographed this scene a couple of times already, I wanted to try something different and combine the view of the city during sunset and twilight in one photo. To[…]

Advanced Panorama Photo Editing

15. January 2018 | Landscape Photography, Photo Editing

I don’t take panorama photos very often. But when I do so I want to make sure that I get a high quality result and that during post processing I have full control over the stitching and blending of the photos. During my travels around the world I visited Phillip Island in the south-east of[…]

Advanced Selections in Photoshop

27. October 2017 | Landscape Photography, Photo Editing

Masks and selections are very important for my post processing workflow in Photoshop. They allow me to apply very targeted adjustments to my photos and help me to produce clean results full of details. This article contains two tutorial videos where I show you first some of my favourite selections and how to create them.[…]

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