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Visiting Manuel Antonio National Park

18. January 2022 | Travel

At the end of 2021 we had spent six weeks exploring the dramatic coastline of Portugal. Beginning of 2022 it was time for a more exotic adventure. On January 4th we embarked on our journey to Costa Rica, where we planned to stay a full 10 weeks. For such a small country 10 weeks might[…]

Five Things to Do Immediately After Arriving in Costa Rica

14. January 2022 | Travel

This is the first in a series of articles about traveling and photographing Costa Rica. To properly start this series I want to give you a list of five things you should do immediately upon arrival in Costa Rica. Those travel tips will help to ensure a smooth travel experience. Bring US Dollars Ok, to[…]

Photographing the Algarve

6. January 2022 | Landscape Photography, Travel

After exploring the busy streets of Lisbon for three days it was nice to spend another few days at the coast. This time we drove down to the Algarve, which takes between three to four hours from Lisbon depending on traffic. I had been photographing the dramatic coastline of the Algarve back in 2015 and[…]

Photographing Lisbon

27. December 2021 | Cityscape Photography, Travel

The next stop on our travels through Portugal and Madeira was back on the mainland. From Madeira we flew to Lisbon and there we spent three days exploring the picturesque Alfama district. I had attempted to photograph Lisbon twice in the past already, but I had never stayed in its center. During previous visits I[…]

Photographing Pico Arieiro on Madeira

24. December 2021 | Landscape Photography, Travel

After a pretty successful few days of photography at the coast it was time to tackle the final goal of our Madeira journey – photographing Pico Arieiro. Being the third highest peak on the island it offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and I couldn't wait to experience those myself. The only problem was[…]

Photographing Ponta de São Lourenço on Madeira

15. December 2021 | Landscape Photography, Travel

Ponta de São Lourenço is a little peninsula in the far East of the island of Madeira just next to the town of Caniçal. In this article I show you the best vantage points, from which to photograph it. Those views are some of the most spectacular on the whole island and I hope the[…]

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