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Photographing Mont Saint-Michel

29. September 2021 | Landscape Photography, Travel

After two weeks in France our travels were sadly coming to an end. But we didn't want to leave the coast without visiting one of France's most famous monuments – Mont Saint-Michel. Photographing this beautiful fortification that sits on a tidal island just off the coast of La Gréve had been a dream of mine[…]

Photographing Cap Fréhel in Brittany

25. September 2021 | Landscape Photography, Travel

After a successful two days in Ploumanach we drove east towards the Fréhel peninsula. If you are interested in spectacular cliffs and wide, golden beaches this is the place to visit in Brittany. Since I wanted to photograph the Cap Fréhel Lighthouse we drove all the way to the closest campsite, which is Camping du[…]

Photographing Ploumanach in Brittany

14. September 2021 | Landscape Photography, Travel

After spending two fantastic days on the Crozon Peninsula with its rough coastline it was time for some change of scenery again. Our next stop was in the Côtes-d'Amor department of Brittany. Up in Ploumanach we had planned to spend another two days to allow us some time to explore and photograph the Côte de[…]

Photographing Crozon in Brittany

12. September 2021 | Landscape Photography, Travel

If you followed my trip through France thus far, you know that the weather had been a bit of a challenge. But I had also been presented with some beautiful conditions, especially during my morning hike in Auvergne. So what would the coastal weather up in Brittany be like? There I wanted to start the[…]

Photographing Puy de Sancy in France

4. September 2021 | Landscape Photography, Travel

After visiting the popular lavender fields of Valensole we continued our travels through France and headed north. Our goal was to drive up to Brittany, but this would have been a too long drive for just one day. So we did a half-way stop in the Auvergne mountains, right in the center of France. There[…]

Photographing the Lavender Fields of Valensole

24. August 2021 | Landscape Photography, Travel

Back in July my girlfriend and I traveled through France in a campervan from Hannes Campers for two weeks. Within that time we drove more than 4000 km, starting down in the Provence region where I photographed the lavender fields of Valensole. After a brief stop in the Verdon Canyon we then visited some mountains[…]

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