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Blog - Photographing L’Alyana – Ninh Van Bay

Our final stop in Vietnam was at the coast near Nha Trang. And to make this a memorable stay I had to do some research to find a stretch of coastline, which wasn’t too crowded yet.

Over the last years Vietnam has experienced a huge increase in visitors and for this reason lots of construction is going on everywhere in the country. And especially at the coast this becomes very apparent. Wherever there is a beach, it seems you have one hotel next to the other and one just has to wonder where this is gonna lead.

One thing that many countries seem to forget is that once the natural environment is destroyed by this construction madness, the stream of visitors will also slowly cease and then all those hotels will stay empty. Because at some point there is nothing unique left, nothing of the things that created the boom in tourism in the first place.

But I guess I, as a traveller, am part of the problem and since I don’t want to stop travelling, one thing I can do is to try to avoid those overly touristic hubs whenever possible.

Ninh Van Bay

For Nha Trang it was quite hard to find a hotel that would provide some remoteness. But a bit north of Nha Trang, in the beautiful Ninh Van Bay such hotels still exist. And one of them is the L’Alyana.

Staying at such an exclusive hotel had been a dream of mine for some time already and in Vietnam this was nearly affordable. But not quite. We had already stretched our budget, so I reached out to the hotel and asked, if they were interested in a collaboration.

The infinity Pool at L'Alyana

And as you might already suspect, they were. And for four days we stayed in one of their beautiful hill top villas. I did some photography and filming for them in exchange for a discount in the package we had booked. And although it was a lot of work to create all the photos we had agreed upon, mostly due to the weather, I had a great time.

I especially enjoyed our accommodation. The villa had an own pool, an outside living room, a huge bathroom and a beautiful bedroom.

Bedroom of the Hill Top Villa

What I also love about the L’Alyana is its location. You only get there via the hotel’s own little ferry and there are no other hotels sharing the beach. It’s an oasis not too far from the noise of Nha Trang, whose lights I could see at the horizon at night.

As for the other stops of our journey through Vietnam, I also filmed a behind the scenes Vlog for our stay in Ninh Van Bay. Here I show you some more of the hotel, explain my approach to real estate photography and share some of the resulting photos.

This concludes our travels through Vietnam. Our next stop was Hong Kong, which will be the topic of the next article.

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