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Blog - Behind the Shot – Spanish Steps

In the last article I took you behind the scenes of my photo shoot at the Roman Forum. The day after that magnificent sunrise I ventured out again, this time to the Spanish Steps.

Again the sky was covered with clouds as I walked towards my desired photo location. Unlike the day before the sun didn’t break through for sunrise. But this didn’t matter. I arrived at the steps well before sunrise during blue hour and the dark blue clouds presented the perfect contrast to the warm city lights.

The city lights illuminate the Spanish Steps

This is why I love the blue our for cityscape photography. I can take decent photos under a clear sky, under a cloudy sky and when I get a glowing sunrise that’s just a bonus.

Besides showing my in the field workflow in the video below, you’ll also find a quick blending tutorial at the end. There I show how I combine different exposures to remove people from the frame.

If you liked the video or have questions, just head over to my youtube channel where you can leave a comment beneath the video. I regularly check those and try to answer any questions.

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